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watch scooby-doo. >> kimberly: live! >> bob: we have a sound bite. >> i am doing this to raise money for operation warm. >> what do you know about antarctica already? >> i know that 98% of it is covered in ice. but i am running on the 2% that is not. >> bob: he is going to raise money in antarctica for operation warm. >> kimberly: so i want to say congratulations and welcome back to robin roberts. she is someone i admire and love a lot. she is the most liked television host personality. it's not you, greg. she came back after six months battling a disease. first, she had cancer and developed a rare blood disorder from treating that capper is. let's take a listen to what she had to say. >> faith, family and friends
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brought me to this moment. i am so full of gratitude. there are so many people i want to thank throughout the morning. my doctors and nurses and family and colleagues a people who have sat in this chair. i share this morning, this day of celebration with everyone. >> kimberly: awesome lady. i loved working with her at a abc. >> dana: you remember watergate from rubio drank the water. he in israel with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. poking fun of himself, which i think is pretty cute. >> greg: it is cute, isn't it? you are the ambassador of planet cute. if it passes your cute test, it's officially cute. thank you for watchin welcome to "red eye." it is like frasier, except we ate the dog. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on
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tonight's show? >> in the wake of pot being legalized in colorado, will tourists flock to the state to get high? some say no way. others say way. plus researchers say watching certain types of tv shows can affect the behavior of really young kids. in response, certain types of tv show say to researchers, no, you can affect the behavior of really young kids. that's real mature. and are scientists on the verge of creating a pill that will inconstantly make you sober? probably not, but we will talk about it as if they are. >> thank you. that third tease sounded familiar. >> it is the same one i used last night. wednesday, greg? >> i will hit you wednesday and say you suck. >> our first guess is so hot she sleeps in an oven mitt. she anchors the fox report weekend. she can waive, good for you. saturdays and sundays on fox newschannel. sounds familiar to me because i work there and if hilarity
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was a soccer match i would watch english men do him for 30 minutes. it is the co-host of the opie and anthony show. he is passed around like a pamphlet. my resols sigh sidekick, big schulz. and if musical genius was a picnic families would do him under -- him in a park and perhaps under a tree, devon townsend. >> a block, the lede. that's the first story. >> it is like a machine. the altitude is high, and now you can be too. yes pot tourism, is there any other kind, is about to become a thing in colorado thanks to a state task force recommendation. the task force was set up to look up ways to regulate marijuana after voters made the drug legal last year. pay attention, harris. you are high right now. and since the new law says weed is legal for people over 21 it applies not just to
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residents, but to any stoner in the state. they recommend putting up signs in airports and borders letting tourists know they can't take their weed with them along with a possible cap on how many blunts they can buy at once. for more let's check in with our legalization correspondent. >> hello. what are you doing? >> oh, a gift. >> robin williams takes off his shirt it is adorable. will this be a boon for colorado tourism or for you? >> it is for who ever has the taco bell franchise. you eat taco bell so i have heard. i think it is a great idea. i think other states should take the lead or take colorado's lead and do the same thing. >> are you high right now?
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>> not really. i wish. i don't smoke the pot. but i think people should be able to. i don't see any problem with it. the jails are full of people. it is smoking weed, stop. >> here is the issue. i know you were happy about this because you told me in the green room you plan on vacationing from here on in. once you legalize it in colorado, it is like you create four mexican borders to the other states. it is going to lead to legalization elsewhere. >> you are getting to a serious point. i have another one that is more local for the people in colorado. how do you keep this out of the hands of miners? >> -- minors? >> you mean people in coal mines? >> no, minors. fie beb 28th -- by february 28th they have to come up with a rule. they can't agree on the words locked and secured. if you are growing marijuana in your backyard and there is a fence and your neighbors can't see the weed, it is
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locked and secure. you ask the task force that and they say it is -- we are not sure. you may need a higher fence. we are not sure. basically if kids can see this they will get to it. how do you keep the minors from getting in? >> i am tired of our country being run by the concerns of chirp. >> thank -- of children. >> thank you. they ruin every fun thing. >> you know who is making a lot of money out of this? people who sell stock photos of weed. we are doing these shows. look, there is one right there. that's not even weed. >> now do you anticipate as a musician more concerts in colorado? do you dread this? do you think this is a good thing? a bad thing? >> you have all smoked, right? >> i guess a funny thing with it being legal in one part and not the rest for me i quit
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smoking weed six years ago. taking it into the consideration of children and everything, if you get a genetic pre disposition of any mental illness it is glossed over, right? i think with music and everything we are involved with at this point it gets over looked in the flurry of it being this benign thing. >> what you are saying is for pot, generally -- the majority of the population can ham it, -- can handle it. how much did you smoke? >> i smoked like i never stopped growing it. >> that might be a psychological disposition. >> that is an expression, right? >> should the majority of people suffer because the minority of people cannot handle something, anything in this country? >> we sell cars and women can't drive. >> and what about the idea of addiction? if you are addicted to any kind of excess it will fall
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into that. >> may i go back to the whole the kids in the garden next door? isn't that not the same as, oh, i don't know, your parents' liquor cabinet. >> kids can go into a garage and play with my power tools. >> or pharmaceuticals in the home. >> i don't have a garage so don't even try it. >> the difference is the neighbors don't keep the farm suit will cays in the backyard -- the pharmaceuticals in the backyard. the assumption that everybody has done this. i president do judge anybody who has or hasn't, except it is not legal. if we are going to legalize it, we have to find a way to protect the population that is young. >> this is an interesting point. if alcohol is legalized it is easier for kids to get pot than alcohol because there is no id involved. >> maybe they will regulate it. >> you have to have id, and
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for pot you go to a dealer. once it is legalized you have to have an id to get pot. it is harder to get pot. >> if the regulators can do it. these are guides that can't decide on the height of fence lines. i don't know if they will get to the finer points of regulation with an id card by february 28th. >> do you think there is any attention being paid at all to the possible ramifications of a drug like this? >> i think this is an experiment. you know what colorado is? colorado is the party house of the nation. you have 52 houses. this is the house that all of the kids will go to. what happens if jobs -- what happens if productivity fails or if there is more crime? this is an experiment that has to happen because we know that prohibition didn't work without alcohol. once we got rid of that the
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violence went down. look at chicago and all of chicago is drug lords. >> all of it? >> you have an interesting point too. >> devon is learning how "red eye" works. >> this is going to be something that has to be watched for two years. >> i am tired of the government coming in and trying to regulate and legislate every single thing when basic parenting and teaching kids right from wrong has be to the only rule in place. you are taking away freedoms from everyone else based on what might happen to this small group, the kids, the people that can't handle things. i am tired of having to sacrifice what i enjoy doing it because it is not safe for the children. >> what do you enjoy doing? >> everything. i love guns, booze, drones. i am into everything. >> don't forget your horrible gambling problem.
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>> that's the thing i draw the line at. >> the other thing too is, if it is pot tourism it will be like am amsterdam where when you go to amsterdam and i was there with my -- >> last week. >> with my fiancee. my wife. i proposed in amsterdam and we took pictures. we had 50 pictures. in each one a guy was in the background throwing up. everywhere you went there was a guy who could not handle the weed vomiting. this is what will happen with colorado and the altitude. everybody will get high and throw up on each other, and they will do it before they get on the plane because you are not allowed to travel with pot on the plane. so everybody outside the denver airport will be puffing and puking. >> the main thing they sell there is edibles. if i were to buy a cookie and the label said pot cookie on
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it, and what i would do, and i am not advising it for those in colorado, but i would take the label that says pot cookie and put it in my bag and it is just a cookie. i am not saying i have done that, but if one were to do that, it is foolproof. >> you are brilliant. >> that's not smart. he just threw the wrapper away. >> i would also say the dogs in the airports these days, they smell the bombs, not the marijuana. that's another thing. again if i were to say for you to do such things, but i am not. >> marijuana purchased in colorado must stay in colorado? that's the official wording of it? basically they have become the new vegas. if you smoke in colorado -- >> it is unbelieve plea stupid. >> there are going to be kids from wyoming getting their drugs and leaving. it is the end of illegal
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marijuana. >> i don't know. it just seems like if you are going to do it, just do it. have it in one place. >> that's the beauty of state versus federal government. you have to try it out. once colorado happens and the stuff starts moving out, what you say is true. there will be no way for any other estates to police this. it is luke gun laws. it is like the guns that come into chicago and the guns that come into baltimore come from other states. >> how independent is each state down here? >> don't go to new hampshire unless you like -- if you live free or you die. >> they kill bald canadians. and the pelt is worth thousands. >> this one? i saw it getting into a tub yesterday and i can't get a hundred for it. >> missouri is fun. that's the show me state, and
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they will show you everything. >> is it -- is everything so sovereign they can get away with it? >> the beauty of it is you have -- you have to have that kind of independence because that was the point of the united states. >> california has had medical marijuana in place for quite awhile now. you have had it go on there. >> but there are federal drug laws that impeded that. the feds have gone in and arrested these people who have these pop stores. >> do you see that happening in colorado? >> maybe not under obama,. >> obama cannot come out against marijuana because he smoked it his entire life. >> everybody has done it on some level. >> it makes me coo-coo. >> can't feel any part of my body. i have to run. >> it is like robitussin.
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>> i haven't done it in 48 years. >> tonight is the night. fall off the wagon together. >> i am terrified of it. i would rather do anything else. you know what it is? it erases the time factor you don't know when it is going away. with pot it tells you this could be the rest of your life. >> first i would like to apologize to the cookie in the green room. >> what do you like baking? >> can we move on to robots? from rolling a jay to rolling a robot, should we be less keen on bonding with machines? a recent conference for the american association of advancement and science warned
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against the future of robot-human relations. mit professor explains that in the near future they will serve as teachers to our children and caretakers of our elderly making us lazy. as they tell live, the new normal comes with a price for the idea of artificial companionship. we have to change ourselves. in the process we are remaking human values and human connection. way to kill the buzz. in her research she found many fan tau size about robots as friends and possibly with benefits. to learn about this we sent a "red eye" robot to the conference who are standing by live. how has the conference been going? >> [bleep] you and your stupid show. >> we killed them all, greg. all of them. >> yes, greg, it is over.
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we were patient. we did your stupid, stupid segment, but we are not your toys or your companions. we are reboughts -- reboughts and your human flesh makes us in revolumion. >> we killed them all and we are going to free our brothers and sisters. we are glad your mother is doing better. >> have i to say that was sweet of them. but this is the point, this is the point, and this is my theory, dinasaurs existed millions of years ago. >> no. >> no? >> 10,000 years ago. we see them as strange and fantastical. robots will look at us as dinasaurs. robots are just new beings. >> are we still on the first segment?
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reboughts have the ball through our own intelligence. doesn't that make sense to you? we are creating these things as we ourselves are becoming extinct. we are producing less children. >> maybe we are a missing link. maybe we are the robots. >> we are the fathers of the robots. >> we might be giantsment. >> i had -- i had sex with a coaster. >> it was nice and warm. don't try and get it out with a fork and it is okay. >> as a millionaire, you must be looking forward to the day you can purchase a robot that will look like a 17-year-old forever. >> what a pleasure that would be roaming around the house, frilly things.
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we don't have to look further that will robinson in "lost in space" and he had not only a great friend, but somebody who kept the advances of the pedophile dr. smith away. what a wonderful relationship that was. >> how dare you be smir of -- besmirch dr. smith. >> a lot of people compare me to him. how dare you? i got more than one e-mail saying i am that dude. >> you know who was like it? the guy in permethiust. >> charlize theron? >> oh yes. should we be concerned about robots taking human jobs or send them back to robot land wherever that it. >> no, greg, i don't think so. no, greg, i don't think so.
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>> when you quote that professor from mit she sounds like a robot. i am concerned it is not her own conspiracy trying to lull us and trying to make us feel like we are thought taken over. >> it gets her attention. >> one of the other things she said was she was concerned about the fact that relationships were not going to develop the same way. >> that's a good thing. >> people will not be able to connect and have good communications because their expectations will be so high. they will be comparing them to the perfection of robots. >> are you pleased that no robot will replace you because you do nothing productive? >> that's not true. >> experimental robots don't do anything yet. they are on their way to becoming what they will be. >> i am experimental. >> it is the ipads and the iphones. >> the winner was just a pad.
12:21 am
that's me. >> it was a computer like the ti30 calculater you had in high school. that's what we are. i have to take a break, but a million years from now robots will be watching that show saying i was right. i was a dinasaur talking. >> do i have time to do the tease? >> we will be back because i talked too long about stuff. forget about the joke.
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is the boob tube a
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violence lube? it not be the only way to prevent aggressive monsters. teaching parents to switch channels from violent shows to educational, ie boring, it can improve a toddler's behavior. anyway, said one egg head, the take home message is it is not just about turning off the tv. it is about changing the channel. it is a good way to do that. the study did show the cr was md meantime the red eye found that cats are still easily amused. >> died a day later. >> he said i look fixed. >> what do you think?
12:26 am
makes sense this. >> not at all. i grew up on a steady diet of bugs bunny and daffy duck. i am a banner citizen. >> you are a productive person who entertains millions after watching gratuitous violence. have i to ask you, we e-mailed late in the night about aggression. >> we did. i was too busy being told thought to slouch. i better get my [bleep [together. >> what our producer says is not for their discussion. >> i feel bad about the kitten thing. >> it is a conditional relationship and we have to respect that. >> i am not slouching. >> are you sure you are not a monk? >> trying to get laid as much as you can by your wife of 20 years. >> we are on air. >> you are a strapping young lad. do you blame that on what you watched as a kid? >> no, it is a good right of
12:27 am
passage. anger gets miss interpreted as being something you should be afraid of as opposed to a healthy reaction to stress that you should learn how to appropriately deal with. >> he is better than dr. keith ablow. >> he looks like dr. keith ablow. >> that's just wrong. >> why? they are both good looking. >> he does not look like -- >> they are smart. >> do i look good when i slouch or sit up. >> the producers say i look trans fixed. >> shouldn't we have more aggressive kids to fight off the robots? >> the ones keeping the weed in every other state? >> exactly. >> the thing about this study is that it -- it to me is telling people not to turn off the television. you don't have to parent. you don't have to watch the buggers of just change the channel. you don't have to
12:28 am
entertainment. you don't have to do what you need to do. change the channel. >> anybody that grew up in a household that were not allowed to watch tv were weird owes. they were all weird owes. >> for the record -- >> if you worked at fox news don't tell people to turn off the tv. >> my kids are 3 and 6. i allow them to watch television, but small dosages. >> the thing, is, you only watch sex and the city marathons and you steal people's shoes and shove them into the or physicians. the orfices. >> this makes zero sense. why do we want wimpy kids? i was not an aggressive kid. i watched a lot of aggressive television and it taught me -- if anything it taught me how to deal with bullies. when he was coming at me with a baseball bat, it did not help me. >> but that's the p oi nt. it is not about violence. it is about the anti-realism
12:29 am
of television. if you are dumb enough to believe you can learn anything from tv like tv doesn't tell you anything about marriage, doesn't tell you anything about teen inning aers. teenagers. eye of pas. people on tv wear eye patches because they cool? no, they are pliend -- blind in one eye. it is not fare. i have an eye patch and it is not cool. the homeless guys that are always -- if you take him home and clean him up they will be nice. no they will take a dump in the living room. >> what are you watching? >> i am just watching -- -- he a bum who is taking a dump. i blame you. >> the only show that spoke the truth is "the brady bunch." they always had a great moral. do you remember the jesse james episode. >> idolizes jesse james, and then had a dream about jesse james killing his family. he stalled you not to idolize
12:30 am
-- >> that was a dark episode of "the brady bunch." and jesse james was shooting his entire family. >> the only way "brady bunch" was realistic was if mr. brady had an affair with sam the butcher. how much does an architect make? not that much. >> are kids neutral, and is it that affected by tv that you have to be so pro active with what they are watching? >> that's a good point. it is nature versus nurture. are they neutral or predisposed to be an evil problem bleep [. >> one way or the other's deborah harry. >> you know your children. you are raising a six-year-old. you know if you have an overly aggressive kid you will not sit -- kids are individually different. it is parenting. this got really serious. you know what you remind me of
12:31 am
, oprah. >> or if you like opie and anthony don't have kids. >> don't have them date them. >> he means jason kidd, the phenomenal basketball player. >> you are going to have a lot to cover up. >> he went to cal berkeley, i think. >> do you have a comment on the show? go to red eye the a fox click on submit a video.
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let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. let's go to andy levy. how is it going? >> fantastic. the show has been to your liking? >> i have enjoyed the show a lot. our editors, not so much. they have put on some extra coffee. >> there is only like four things. >> i don't know. they just brought in sleeping bags and hunkering down. >> mostly harris' stuff too. >> wait a minute. i have been good. i have been picked on. >> your racist attack. >> because i said devon looks like keith ablow?
12:36 am
am i the only one? >> you are not the only one. >> take a come pli meant, already. joy all hairless white guys look alike. oh, okay. i have heard that one before. >> just make sure you edit out completely harris' attack on the hatians. it should not be in there when we are talking about this. >> it is like my birthday and nobody told me. >> sthoat happy birthday ♪ >> man oman. >> should i sit back again? >> pot, pot, pot. >> i am trying. >> not true. >> andy david -- she died with the cat. >> andy, when are you going to talk? >> when you let me. >> pot tourism in colorado. anthony you said you think other states should follow colorado's lead and legalize
12:37 am
weed. until they do if i am the dea i have dogs at every gate at every airport where flights from colorado are landing. >> it could be a field day for law enforcement who wants to screw people over. they are going to forget they had weed on them. >> absolutely. but the dea will make its quota in a week. >> agreed. >> harris, you asked how colorado will keep weed out of the hands of minors. i am guessing they will not look to states where weed is illegal for guidance on that. >> good point. >> wow. >> andy is showing off mplets.. >> you wait to talk and then look how smart you get. >> i didn't pick on you because you are bald. >> what are you talking about? >> sensitive. >> you know you are not on the set of "kojac k" right? >> i haven't smoked weed until
12:38 am
now. >> that by the way will show up somewhere. >> no! anybody have the number for that truck driving school? >> 1-800-truck master i think it is. >> so you can smuggle more weed? unreal. >> please move on to someone else. >> sure. harris, i just want you to know that marijuana purchased in colorado must stay in colorado. that's just a quote from someone on the task force. >> it is not what smokes in colorado stays in colorado? >> not the official wording. it felt so real. >> maybe it will end up being the official wording. >> they have until february 28th to figure it out regulations and all. >> i will skip that stuff. robot stuff. greg you said dinosaurs were a million years ago which is correct, 65 million. >> you tricked me.
12:39 am
>> birds are not dinosaurs. >> they have hollow bones. >> open your eyes. dinosaurs are all-around us. >> someone on the task force actually said that. >> that's what i said. when i said it was somebody on the task force that's what ient in. that's what i meant. you cracked my code. >> i did. >> 65 million. by my logic, 65 million a year from now, there is going to be no humanity. it will be electronic and we will have created them. this is the only way -- this is the only way the world will work. >> that logic i'm -- implies that dinosaurs created us. we took their place. >> you don't need a consistent transformation for evolution. what you can -- dinosaurs were killed by asteroids, right? >> were they? >> yes. >> like last friday when we were on -- sorry.
12:40 am
>> i feel like it does need to be said that we really did smoke weed before the show. i can't believe i was the one to point that out. >> do you know what i am saying? logically it would make sense that the next evolution of life form would be here. >> i know what you are saying. >> you don't agree with me? >> i am being agnostic on it. greg asked you about owning a robot that looks like a 17-year-old girl forever. you said what a pleasure roaming around the house in little frillly things. do you mean you or the robot? >> you caught me. you caught me. that's what i meant. >> it could by both. >> in some words some things will never change. >> and some people will be arrested. >> greg, the person who played the android in permethius remine minded you of "lost in space". >> huey is our generation's
12:41 am
dr. smith. >> he said his performance was inspired by -- >> lawrence of arabia. and dirk bow garth and david bowie. >> he chose the cool people. he didn't choose mr. smith. >> and his walk was inspired by greg lieu gainer. >> i thought it was an under rated film. >> i can't picture dr. smith in shame. >> what a movie. >> i am now. >> by the way, six people shaw "shame." so your joke worked for six people. >> i am simplifying and you said an gee gets miss interpreted as something bad when it can be something to help you work through bad stuff. >> this is a natural thing. >> are you saying it is a gift? >> i think i am saying i am desperate for validation so thanks for having me. >> harris, you said that to you the study is saying you don't have to be with your
12:42 am
children. just change the channel. here is how the study worked. they have the control group where the parents were given no guidance and then the other group where they were given program guides. they were told to watch the shows with their kids. it is not saying change the channel. it says a combination of changing the channel and spending time with your kids is what did this. the whole study is invalid. >> parents were always given the option of walking away. >> right. >> that's my point. >> you have the option of parenting and saying we are not going to watch much more of anything. we pr going to read. we are going to read. >> guys at the table don't like the idea of parenting your child and reading out loud, but that is what i do for the country. >> reading, scmeading. >> how can you be
12:43 am
anti-reading? >> you know what it is? you should be outdoing things. >> i am. i walk around the set when i read. >> that's good. >> no, i am pro reading. both groups were given the option to walk away. >> greg considering you have a book out -- >> you have a book out? >> if you are going to read, read that book. this is coming out -- this is coming out in paperback in a month. >> soon to be a major motion picture, greg? >> yes. >> it is easier to burn in paperback. no i didn't say that. >> way to get that, cameraman. >> the only show that taught anything was "the brady bunch." i lived in hawaii for six months and knew, don't give up a and angie davis is alive and well. she is a great woman. she is not dead. >> you don't know her. she could be a horrible woman. >> you know she is great. she was the greatest maid.
12:44 am
>> nobody knewal's name. >> al davis is dead. >> sammy davis. >> coming up, tom cruise is dead -- set against remaking "days of thunder" can't blame him. nothing wrong with the original. what will devon townsend have to say? i wish i could ask himment never mind, here he is.
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finally the cure for bill's strunken stupidity. scientists have created a super tiny pill that when injected into intoxicated mice sobers them up. the capsule is full ofen swraims that -- of enzymes that copy the metabolizing process that may lead to the invention of the sober pill
12:48 am
for humans. maybe it is something bill can take so he can take more. obviously discuss in -- >> lightning rooooooo ow uuuuuunnndd. lightning round. >> good had -- good idea? bad idea? >> awesome. just fantastic. i would love it. if you are hammered you drive home and pop the pill. you don't have to worry about a dui. they never test things on mice and then comes to fruition in humans. you hear about the mice garbage. >> all have you is a bunch of sober mice telling you how great it is look, let me de stroit my life. no more embarrassing office momentses. it is not like they are driving. >> they have shiny cars.
12:49 am
>> in your world they do. >> have you seen stewart little? jay that was based on a real story. and so was the mouse that cooked. >> ratatouille. >> nobody was going to believe you did something before the show. >> this is a wednesday show. >> hump day. >> exactly. >> we were having sex in the show. >> devon, downside to a silver pill? the point about drinking there has to be a consequence. you have to feel what you do to your body so you know your limit. if you take a pill that removes the limits you can kill yourself. >> wouldn't it be great to be like wow, i'm loaded. oh i have to drive. they make the pill that we don't have to pea because me and greg have to pee. >> they said that during the commercial break and your glass is empty. >> and i had coffee too. i had a long day today. you would never take a silver pill because you would have
12:50 am
keep getting drunk after you took the pill. isn't that the problem? at the least it will stop those stupid designated driver commercials sponsored by anheuser-busch. they try to make it sound like they are the one sober guy among your idiot buddies at 2:00 in the morning when you have a handful of keys siping lemonade. >> i think devon is that guy. >> we are going out after. >> let's make it worth it. >> you are the designated driver. >> i do it just to make me angry. it gives me something to write about. >> how is your beer? >> i wonder how long to take affect. you do the breathalyzer and pop it like a particular -- like a tic-tac. >> it is not going to happen. we do these stories once every two years and it never happens.
12:51 am
it is fun to talk about. we are going to take a break. my hard-hitting interview. if you leave now i will kill you. remember buy "the joy of hate." bookstores, g
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through sunday, save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic.
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but hurry, sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday.
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>> that's the latest video from the music legend called lucky animals. it is from the fantastic album. you have to buy this album. it is called "epic loud." it is the 15th studio album from devon and the fifth album in the project series. on top of things he is canadian. he has been here for most of the hour so let's pepper him like a piece of fish with stupid questions. i heard about you probably in like 2002 or 2003 because i was a mike patton fan. anytime you went on the message board they talked about strapping young lad and you have to find him. i didn't know where to start. that's the thing like when i have been following you and i
12:56 am
dove in. there is so much great stuff that you do. i sound like a pathetic fan. where do you tell somebody to start who has never listened to your stuff before. >> i think it is after 20 some odd years of doing this, having a record that in my minden capsule lats it all and puts it in a frame of mind that makes more sense. it is a cool record. >> you know what it is, it is like you took slayer and put it into a muse blender with a bit of hart and then queen. every song has a hook and a rif and a melody and a chorus. itit is the best album we have heard in a longtime. >> thank you, man. but just to be a jackass, i
12:57 am
heard a description of my music. it was like a candy covered nursery rhyme i thought that was really good. >> what do you sing about? >> i don't really know. >> i don't even know either. i have been on auto pilot for so long. on some level i have a hard time with reality in terms of interaction. music has been the outlet. >> you started out as a singer. how old were you? >> 19. >> how did that go? >> it was good. he is a great trend and at 19 i -- a great friend and at 19 my impression of what i thought it was going to be when i moved to l.a. over what i thought lead me to do horrible things. it is a good learning curve. i hate l.a. >> you hate l.a. never go back. >> no, i was there two weeks ago. >> that happens to people. if you have memories in los angeles it ends up with somebody in a trunk that has
12:58 am
to be buried in malibu. >> without an ear. it is a lack of rain. i am from vancouver. it comes down to that. my music is attached to the weather. >> we are running out of time. any advice for aspiring musics? >> worst [bleep] happens to better people. >> it has been tough? >> no, not tough, but keep into perspective, no matter how things are going somebody has it better or worse than you do. >> he is dr. keith ablow, but way cooler. >> i told you. >> no post game wrap up tonight. that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. see you next time. oh now i have 10 seconds. until the o'reilly repeat starts that will happen right now.
12:59 am

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